Sunset In Essaouira


Essaouira Morocco Sunset Medina Even though I fell completely in love with Fes while visiting Morocco back in 2009, I know I need to return to Essaouira some day. After several days in the rain far away from the sea, we found ourselves in the coastal town of Essaouira, also known as “Wind City of Africa”. Suddenly we could feel the sun shine on our faces and smell the sea (and the fishies!). Besides the laid-back and kind of alternative atmosphere, I can’t remember much more than what the few photos I have remind me; the amazing light and the breathtaking sunset. Oh! Fun fact to all the other Game of Thrones fanatics out there: some of the scenes from season 3 were filmed here!

Essaouira Morocco Sunset Sea Medina Beach At Sunset Essaouira Morocco Seagull Bird In Sunset Essaouira Morocco Sunset Essaouira Morocco Marruecos Beach

On A Boat In Gran Canaria


Boat Frankies Bikinis Yellow Anfi Del Mar Gran Canaria Spain Although the last few days have been gorgeous here in Seville, a few weeks ago it seemed incredible that just a two-hours-and-something flight away, awaits a tropical paradise (where, instead of just dreaming about bikinis, I could actually wear one!)- the Canary Islands. I’ve been to several of the islands before (Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria), and last week I went with my best friend, yet again, to the south of Gran Canaria, Anfi del Mar, to be exact. To make the vacation a bit different, we decided to stay on a boat to be as close to the ocean as possible. Verbs of the week: sunbathing, running, hiking and too much wine to speak about (OK, that’s not a verb, but you know… Ehem.). The weather was perfect the whole week, so now a bit blonder and tanner Sylvia can be seen on the streets of Seville. Yohoo!

Anfi Del Mar Marina Gran Canaria South Boats Marina Anfi Del Mar Gran Canaria Boats Anfi Del Mar Marina Gran Canaria Canary Islands Drinking Cava Sunbeds Maroa Beach Club Gran Canaria At least once a day, we stopped by Maroa Club de Mar. This beach club was nicer, calmer, cheaper and had better food than most places we tried in the area. Seriously, we hit the jackpot almost being able to roll out of our beds and land on one of their sunbeds with a glass of chilled cava in our hands. Perfection!

Piña Colada Drink Maroa Beach Club Anfi Del Mar Anfi Del Mar Beach Gran Canaria Playa

Acacia Swimwear Collection 2014


Acacia Swimwear 2014 Pa ‘ana a ka la
Last year through Instagram, I discovered what would turn out to become one of my favorite bikini brands; Acacia Swimwear. After dreaming about wearing one (yes, seriously… my bikini obsession is that bad) for some time, I decided to finally get one last summer. The second I opened the package, I fell in love; the quality and fit are outstanding, and the prints are gorgeous. (But beware! They are minimal!) Ever since, my Acacia collection has been steadily growing, especially since the 2014 collection (named Pa ‘ana a ka la, which means “Sunshine” in Hawaiian) is even more obsess-worthy than last year’s. Girls, prepare yourselves for some bikini-drooling! (OK, and boys as well… the models are stunning!)

Acacia Bikini Veneto Top Hookipa Bottom in Arrow Acacia Swimwear Uns Top Mentawai Bottom in Hibiscus Naked Acacia Swimwear Santorini Top Maui Bottom in Navajo Print Acacia Bikini Secrets Top Crochet Anini Bottom in Lilikoi Lime Acacia Bandeau Bikini Lumahai Top Kauai Bottom in Tapa Acacia Bikini Secrets Top Anini Bottom in Lau Lau Green Acacia One-Piece Teahupoo in Hibiscus Red Acacia Monokini Florence in Sunset Orange Acacia Swimwear Bronx Strapless Monokini in Naked/Storm Acacia Swimwear Moorea Coverup Maxi Dress Hibiscus Red Acacia Swimwear Coverup Maxi Dress Santiago in Fig Brown

1. Panama Top and Pikake Bottom in Naked // 2. Veneto Top and Hookipa Bottom in Arrow // 3. Uns Top and Mentawai Bottom in Hibiscus/Naked // 4. Santorini Top and Maui Bottom in Navajo // 5. Secrets Top and Anini Bottom in Lilikoi // 6. Lumahai Top and Kauai Bottom in Tapa // 7. Secrets Top and Anini Bottom in Lau Lau (not yet available; in red here) // 8. Teahupoo Monokini in Hibiscus // 9. Florence Monokini in Sunset (not yet available; in stripes here)// 10. Bronx Monokini in Naked/Storm  // 11. Moorea Maxi Dress in Hibiscus // 12. Santiago Maxi Dress in Fig (Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I get a teeny-weeny percentage of the sales.)

Ipanema By Day And Dusk

Drinking Coconut Water On Ipanema Beach

How to describe the legendary Brazilian beach Ipanema? I'd say... coconuts (duh), bikini sellers, beautiful people everywhere, luxury hotels, and amazing light right before sunset. Although we stayed at Copacabana, several days we took the 30 … [Continue reading]

My Travel Wish List 2014

London Big Ben Bridge Rome Colloseum Porto Portugal

Hey-ho, happy new year! I know, I know... I'm a bit late. Until what date is it actually acceptable to wish someone a happy new year? I have no idea what 2014 will look like for me, but hopefully it will be filled with travels. And blogging! So … [Continue reading]

Bikini Collections 2014

Bikini Collections 2014 LSpace Luli Fama Pily Q Vitamin A Mikoh Milonga Kai Lani

Summer is officially over, and fall has made its arrival even here in sunny Seville. While I know I probably should be excited and browse through fall and winter clothing, the truth is, I can't stop looking at the previews of the next year's swimwear … [Continue reading]

Hiking Up Morro Da Urca

Cable Car Morro da Urca to Pão de Açúcar Rio de Janeiro Sugarloaf

Although some people may try to tell you otherwise, there are still many amazing things you can do for free when traveling. One of the famous tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro is Pão de Açúcar, or as it's called in English, Sugarloaf, is one you … [Continue reading]