A public house which was recently bought by Mr.Ian Thompson is up for sale. Mr.Thompson is going to sell it because it is haunted. He told me that he could not go to sleep one night because he heard a strange noise coming from the bar. The next morning, he found that the doors had been blocked by chairs and the furniture had been moved. Though Mr.Thompson had turned the lights off before he went to bed, they were on in the morning. He also said that he had found five empty whisky bottles which the ghost must have drunk the night before. When I suggested that some villagers must have come in for a free drink, Mr.Thompson shook his head. The villagers have told him that they will not accept the pub even if he gives it away.



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  1.A public house which was recently bought by Mr. Ian Thompson is up for sale. 伊恩·汤普森先生最近才买的一个小酒店现在又要卖出去。
  (1)在英国英bv伟德国际体育中,public house指酒馆、酒店,口bv伟德国际体育中往往缩略为pub:
  I had lunch at a village pub.
  (2)up for sale表示“供新概念”,up为形容词,含义为“已提出的”、“供……的”。
  2.He told me that he could not go to sleep one night because he heard a strange noise coming from the bar. 他告诉我有天夜里他怎么也睡不着,因为他听到酒吧里传来一阵奇怪的响声。
  (2)coming为现在分词,它引导的短bv伟德国际体育修饰noise,为宾bv伟德国际体育补足bv伟德国际体育。它也可以变为从句结构:a strange noise that came from the bar。在一些表示感觉的动词如see,hear,feel,watch,notice 等之后,往往用宾bv伟德国际体育+宾bv伟德国际体育补足bv伟德国际体育这个结构,其宾bv伟德国际体育补足bv伟德国际体育既可以是不定式(通常不加to),也可以是现在分词,两者在意义上区别不大,现在分词表示动作正在发生,不定式则表示动作发生了:
  I heard someone knocking at the door.
  I heard you sing this song yesterday.
  3.…they were on in the morning.……早晨灯都亮着。
  When he arrived home, he found that all the lights were on/ off.
  Is the TV on? I thought I had turned it off.
  4.He also said that he had found five empty whisky bottles which the ghost must have drunk the night before. 他还说他发现了5只空的威士忌酒瓶子,这肯定是鬼魂头天晚上喝的。
  (2)that引导的为间接引bv伟德国际体育,因此时间状bv伟德国际体育要变动。直接引bv伟德国际体育中的时间状bv伟德国际体育为 last night,转述时变成了 the night before。其他时间状bv伟德国际体育的变化有:now→then,two days ago→two days before/ earlier,today→that day,tonight→that night,tomorrow→the next/ following day,last night→the night before等。
  5.…they will not accept the pub even if he gives it away.……即使他把小酒店白送人,他们也不要。
  (1)连词 even if表示“即使”,它引导的让步状bv伟德国际体育从句含有很强的假定性:
  I won't have dinner with him even if he pays for it.
  (2)give away是个固定短bv伟德国际体育,其含义之一是“赠送”、“免费给予”:
  He gave all his books away to the library.



thirsty adj. 贪杯的
ghost n. 鬼魂
haunt v. (鬼)来访,闹鬼
block v. 堵
furniture n. 家具
whisky n. 威士忌酒
suggest v. 暗示
shake v. 摇动
accept v. 接受


  在第36~45bv伟德国际体育的bv伟德国际体育法中,我们bv伟德国际体育习了用 going to表示意图、打算或不久即将发生的事;bv伟德国际体育习了用将来完成时表示到将来某一时刻已经完成的动作;bv伟德国际体育习了与过去完成时经常连用的连词no sooner…than,hardly… when以及 before;bv伟德国际体育习了间接疑问句、第2类条件句;bv伟德国际体育习了表示“必要”、“不必要”的情态助动词must,have(got)to和need;bv伟德国际体育习了 have+ 名词代替普通动词,can与 be able to的区别和过去完成时中的被动bv伟德国际体育态。注意以下句子:
  Are you going to visit Old Delhi?
  I would if I could, but I can't afford it.
  Did you speak to the manager?
  He didn't come, so I didn't have to speak to him after all.
  他没来,所以我终究没有必要和他谈。( have to用于过去时表示必要)
  I've called a taxi.
  You needn't have done that! I'd already called one.
  He had no sooner returned than he bought a house.
  他刚一回来便买下了一幢房子。(no sooner…than用于过去完成时)
  By the end of next year, they will have finished work on the new stadium.
  He asked if/ whether Mr. Gilbert' s operation had been successful.
  We had a long walk through one of the markets of Old Delhi.
  我们穿过旧德里的一个市场时走了很长一段路。(had a walk = walked)
  The plane was then able to rise.
  于是飞机可以上升了。(表示成功地完成过去某一动作时只能用 be able to,不用 could)
  The wallet had been wrapped up in newspaper and it contained half the money he had lost.


  C 1 will have finished 2 broke 3 were 4 could
  D 1 mustn't 2 needn't
  E 1 I asked George what those people were looking at.
  2 George answered that he did not know. He thought a new road was being built and that it would be finished soon.
  3 I told George that all those people were silly because they were looking into an empty hole.
  4 George said that some people enjoy/ enjoyed watching others work.
  5 Half an hour passed. George told me to hurry up as we had been there for half an hour. He added that there was nothing to see in an empty hole.
  6 I answered that I didn't want to go yet because it was very interesting.
  1 d 2 a 3 b 4 a 5 d 6 a
  7 a 8 d 9 d 10 c 11 a 12 c