VOA慢速英bv伟德国际体育—Cloning Pigs 克隆猪

VOA慢速英bv伟德国际体育—Cloning Pigs 克隆猪






Scientists in the United States have produced five baby pigs that are exact copies of each other. The animals were made from cloning adult pig cells. The researchers say this is the first time cloned pigs have been produced from adult cells. They say the methods could be used to make genetically-changed pigs whose organs could be transplanted into humans.

美国科bv伟德国际体育家培育出了五只一模一样的小猪。 这些小猪都是通过克隆(无性繁殖)成年猪的细胞培育出来的。 研究人员说,这是第一次用成年猪的细胞克隆出小猪来。 他们称可以用这种方法来培育基因改造的猪,这类猪的器官能够移植到人类身上。

The British company PPL Therapeutics announced the pig births. PPL Therapeutics is famous for helping produce a sheep named Dolly, the world's first clone of an adult animal. Other researchers have produced clones of cows, goats and mice.

英国的PPL医药公司宣布了这些小猪的诞生。 PPL医药公司曾帮助培育出首只由成年动物克隆出的名叫“多利”的绵羊,并因此而闻名。 其他一些研究者也培育出了克隆牛、克隆山羊以及克隆老鼠。

David Ayares is Vice President for Research at PPL Therapeutics. He says pigs are the most difficult animals to produce. An adult female pig requires several fetuses to support a pregnancy. However, sheep and cows require only one fetus to give birth.

大卫.艾亚里斯是PPL医药公司研究部的副主任。 他说猪是最难克隆的一种动物。 一只成年母猪需要几个胚胎来促成怀孕, 而羊和牛只要一个胚胎就可以了。

Details of the methods used to produce the five piglets were not made public. The process is said to be different from that used to produce Dolly the sheep. The British company has asked for legal ownership of the process.

克隆五只小猪的详细方法没有向外界公开。 据说该方法有别于克隆“多利”羊的方法。 这家英国公司已经申请了对该方法的法定所有权。

The piglets were born (on) March 5th at a research center in the American city of Blacksburg, Virginia. PPL Therapeutics says independent tests show that genetic material in blood removed from the piglets is the same as that from the cells used to produce the animals. It says the genes were clearly different from those taken from the pig that gave birth to the piglets.

这些小猪于3月5日出生于美国弗吉尼亚州布莱克斯堡一家研究中心里。 PPL医药公司称,独立的测试显示,从小猪身上获得的血液中的基因组织,跟用来培育小猪的细胞中的基因互相一致。 测试同时清楚地显示出,这些基因与生了小猪的那头母猪的基因不相同。

The scientists say the goal of making clones of pigs is to produce animals with cells and organs that could be placed successfully in humans. Thousands of people around the world need replacements for their kidneys, hearts or other organs. However, there are not enough human organs for transplants. Many people die while waiting for a transplant operation.

科bv伟德国际体育家说,克隆猪只是为了生产一些能被成功移植到人体内的动物细胞和动物器官。 世界上有成千上万的人需要更换他们的肾脏、心脏或其它器官。 然而,可供移植的人体器官并不够多。 很多人在能得到器官进行移植手术之前就死掉了。

Mr. Ayares says pigs are the best animals for providing transplant organs. He says pig organs are the right size for human use. And, he says pig organs act like human organs.

艾亚里斯说猪是最适合提供移植器官的动物, 猪的器官跟人类的器官大小差不多, 而且运作起来也类似人的器官。

The company says tests involving cloned pigs are expected to start in a few years. The goal is to market the organs of pigs made through methods of genetic engineering. These organs would be designed so they could be transplanted into people without the risk of rejection.

该公司说,对克隆猪进行的器官移植试验,期望在几年内开始。 其目的是把由基因工程制造出来的猪的器官推广到市场。 这些器官经过基因改造后,移植到人体内应该不会产生排斥反应。