Acacia Swimwear Collection 2014

Acacia Swimwear 2014 Pa ‘ana a ka la
Last year through Instagram, I discovered what would turn out to become one of my favorite bikini brands; Acacia Swimwear. After dreaming about wearing one (yes, seriously… my bikini obsession is that bad) for some time, I decided to finally get one last summer. The second I opened the package, I fell in love; the quality and fit are outstanding, and the prints are gorgeous. (But beware! They are minimal!) Ever since, my Acacia collection has been steadily growing, especially since the 2014 collection (named Pa ‘ana a ka la, which means “Sunshine” in Hawaiian) is even more obsess-worthy than last year’s. Girls, prepare yourselves for some bikini-drooling! (OK, and boys as well… the models are stunning!)

Acacia Bikini Veneto Top Hookipa Bottom in Arrow Acacia Swimwear Uns Top Mentawai Bottom in Hibiscus Naked Acacia Swimwear Santorini Top Maui Bottom in Navajo Print Acacia Bikini Secrets Top Crochet Anini Bottom in Lilikoi Lime Acacia Bandeau Bikini Lumahai Top Kauai Bottom in Tapa Acacia Bikini Secrets Top Anini Bottom in Lau Lau Green Acacia One-Piece Teahupoo in Hibiscus Red Acacia Monokini Florence in Sunset Orange Acacia Swimwear Bronx Strapless Monokini in Naked/Storm Acacia Swimwear Moorea Coverup Maxi Dress Hibiscus Red Acacia Swimwear Coverup Maxi Dress Santiago in Fig Brown

1. Panama Top and Pikake Bottom in Naked // 2. Veneto Top and Hookipa Bottom in Arrow // 3. Uns Top and Mentawai Bottom in Hibiscus/Naked // 4. Santorini Top and Maui Bottom in Navajo // 5. Secrets Top and Anini Bottom in Lilikoi // 6. Lumahai Top and Kauai Bottom in Tapa // 7. Secrets Top and Anini Bottom in Lau Lau (not yet available; in red here) // 8. Teahupoo Monokini in Hibiscus // 9. Florence Monokini in Sunset (not yet available; in stripes here)// 10. Bronx Monokini in Naked/Storm  // 11. Moorea Maxi Dress in Hibiscus // 12. Santiago Maxi Dress in Fig (Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I get a teeny-weeny percentage of the sales.)


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      Same problem here! Nude is not my color at all! But I think they have it in black and a few other colors as well! I love it, the top is so original!

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