Bikini Collections 2014

Bikini Collections 2014 LSpace Luli Fama Pily Q Vitamin A Mikoh Milonga Kai Lani

Summer is officially over, and fall has made its arrival even here in sunny Seville. While I know I probably should be excited and browse through fall and winter clothing, the truth is, I can’t stop looking at the previews of the next year’s swimwear collections. So far I’m loving what I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one (OK, let’s be honest, several) of these. There are still a few fringe bikinis to be seen, but I can’t be the only one who has grown a bit tired of this style? But luckily I can now obsess about strappy bikinis, cut-outs, bralettes and flutter bikinis. Summer 2014 is still a bit far away, but hopefully it won’t be long until I feel warm sand between my toes.

Bikinis from left to right: Luli Fama Sal y Tequila Flutter Bikini // Pily Q Barcelona Diamond Bralette & Bottom // Kai Lani Cantaloupe Stringy Bikini // L*Space Demi Bikini // Vitamin A Gold Python Bustier Bikini // Milonga Kailu Bikini // Mikoh Bikini U8CTG83PMV6B


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    Good thing about travel is that you always have the need for bikinis ;) These look great and so much more unique then what is usually from regular stores like H&M, Cubus, Lindex etc. Keep posting tips from other stores and brands, Sylvia! Especially the spanish ones :)

    • says

      Skal du til Thailand i januar??!! Aaaa! Supersjalu!! Gleder meg til å se bilder! Trodde jeg skulle fått tatt meg en tur til Thailand nå i høst, men det ble ikke noe av desverre…

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