Celebrating Christmas A Bit Too Early

Christmas Tree In Front Of Fireplace

Since this will be the second year in a row I won’t be celebrating Christmas in Norway (last year I went to Costa Rica, and this year I will spend it in the Dominican Republic), my parents thought it would be nice to have a small pre-Christmas celebration before I go back to Spain on Sunday. Christmas presents, and, most importantly, typical Christmas food. I took some photos to show you how a typical Norwegian Christmas is for my family. On a very small scale that is. You kind of have to duplicate everything with at least 4! Four times the food, four times the tree, four times the decoration, and maybe twenty times the sweets… I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me so before, but I almost felt like it was Christmas Eve! And can you believe tomorrow is already December?

Dad Fixing Fireplace In Dale of Norway Sweater St MoritzMy dear dad fixing the fire in a typical Norwegian wool sweater from the brand Dale of Norway. This model is called St. Moritz. Beautiful, right?

Norwegian Christmas Tree DecorationTypical Norwegian Christmas Food Table…And then it was time to eat! Since it was mini-Christmas, there was A LOT less food than usually on Christmas Eve.

Typical Norwegian Christmas Food Pinnekjøtt KålrabistappeIt doesn’t look so exciting… but believe me, it’s so delicious! Pinnekjøtt, which is a really salty, smoked meat from lamb ribs, with mashed rutabaga (or swede puree) and potatoes, of course.

Opening Christmas PresentsPresent time! Yes, I know, I’m probably 10 years again in this picture.

Family Norwegian Christmas Cookies MarzipanAnd finally we ended our night with typical Norwegian Christmas sweets, such as oat cookies and marzipan. Yum! These are my parents, by the way! Can you see any resemblance? ;-)

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  1. Merry christmas and a happy new year …
    Love from Your family in Alta Norway.

    Have a nice time in Dominic republican