My Travel Wish List 2014

London Big Ben Bridge Rome Colloseum Porto Portugal
Hey-ho, happy new year! I know, I know… I’m a bit late. Until what date is it actually acceptable to wish someone a happy new year?

I have no idea what 2014 will look like for me, but hopefully it will be filled with travels. And blogging! So what better way to start the new year than with a travel wish list? I’m starting off with the destinations which are more or less certain, and then continue to the once that are probably a bit out of my league. Let’s get to dreaming!

1. London/Rome/Porto

These will all happen in the very near future since I have friends living there this semester, and everyone should always take advantage of free accommodation and local guides. ;)
Sources from above photo: London / Rome / Porto

2. Dominican Republic

Playa Juanillo Cap Cana Punta Cana Dominican Republic
Yes!! I’m already going back! (If you haven’t followed me for long, I was on my favorite half-island a year ago). This time my excuse is that I have a wedding to attend. Long live love!

3. Northern Spain

San Sebastian Spain View Of Bay
Source: San Sebastian
I need to make a priority of getting to know more of this beautiful country I live in. I’ve wanted to visit the northern region of Spain for, like, forever! Road trip this summer, anyone?

4. Menorca

Cala Galdana Menorca
Another Spanish beauty I need to experience some time soon. I’ve been to Mallorca a few times, but I’ve been told Menorca is even more stunning.

5. Thailand

Phi Phi Island Seen from Above Thailand
Sun, beaches, lush nature, friendly people, amazing food, AND great prices? Need I say more?

6. Cuba

Cuba La Habana Cars
My bff and I have been talking about going here for years. One day, one day… (Hopefully that day will come soon!)

7. New York

New York Time Square By Night Cabs
Simply because I’ve never been here, and you’re supposed to go to the city that never sleeps at least once in your lifetime, right?

Obviously, this list could go on forever, and almost every destination with sun and a pretty beach would be on it. But let’s keep it a tad realistic, no?

Any tips and recommendations for any of my wishes, or a place I need to add?



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      Hahaha! Yesss!! I was in Oslo in December, but I saw on Instagram that you were far east. ;) Hopefully I’ll be able to go some time in March and we can have that glass (or bottle!) of wine!!

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    Hooray for a new post and a happy new (travel) year! ;)

    Mange flotte steder på lista di! Skulle gjerne vært innom den Dominikanske Republikk og Cuba jeg også! Håper du kommer deg dit du ønsker deg :) Og siden du bor der du gjør så har du jo gode utgangspunkt for å komme deg rundt i Spania og Sør-Europa!
    Randomjenta recently posted…Nye eventyrMy Profile

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    Yes, Thailand is wonderful! I am moving there next week, got about 1000 wild butterflies in my belly.. :)
    (If you remember, let me know when you get here! :) )

    NorEli (Norway Elisabeth;) )
    Elisabeth recently posted…ReisefeberMy Profile

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      Whaaaat!! That’s amazing! I can imagine that you’re having a few butterflies, yes!! Best of luck to you!! And I’ll let you know if I get to visit Thailand this year! ;)

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    Happy New Year to you Sylvia. No it’s not too late, is it?

    That is a wonderful list there, I’m excited for. A great range of places and some fabulous beaches to see. I’ve already begun my travel for the year – I’m currently in Shanghai and it is Australia next month.
    The Guy recently posted…Etramping Meet Up: Big Night In ChinaMy Profile

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    Så gøy med en travel wish list for det nye året og jeg er så glad du blogger igjen :) Forresten, hva tenker du om å Santiago Compostola? Du som bor i landet har sikkert hørt masse om pilgrimsferden og hvordan det er å gå der ? Lurer litt da vet du.
    Brita Melissa recently posted…Visa Pour L’Image.My Profile

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      Nei, vet du hva? Jeg har helt glemt å skrive opp pilgrimsferden! Den er skikkelig på min wish list! Skulle egentlig gå den (den franske ruten) i fjor høst med en venninne, men det ble ikke noe av desverre. Håper jeg får gjort det snart! Alle jeg har pratet med synes det var helt fantastisk; naturen og ikke minst samholdet, og folkene man møter på herbergene. Så jeg gir meg selv fram til 2015 å gå den! Du kan jo henge deg på!

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    Happy New Year! Stopping in from the Tribe :) You’ve got an awesome travel list planned for 2014. NYC has been my home base for almost 5 years now and is a great place to visit anytime of the year!
    Erica recently posted…8 Years and CountingMy Profile

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    I’m dying to go to Northern Spain as well! San Sebastian is calling my name, and it would be rude not to answer, right?? I love the Dominican Republic too – I volunteered in Barahona in 2012 and absolutely fell in love with it! Sounds like 2014 is going to be a great year for you and your travels!
    Courtney recently posted…MalasañaMy Profile

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      Haha yes! It would be very rude! :P Oh… Barahona is so beautiful! Hopefully I’ll se more of when I go there in April! You have to give me some advice on what to see in that part!

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    obviously i want to go to those spain places. i’m still so sad i never made it to menorca or mallorca! but i LOVE san sebastian! sevilla and san sebastian are my favorite places in spain!

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      I’ve wanted to go to the North for such a long time, but it was after seeing your photos from San Sebastian that I knew I had to at least visit that city!! Looks so beautiful!

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    Great list! I lived in NYC for a summer doing a fashion internship a few years back and it is easily my favorite city in the world still! I have a bottomless list also but I think it’s good to always keep rearranging your top five, that’s how you make the list come true! And happy new year by the way! (Does almost February still count as the new year?)

    Aisha x

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