The Cosmetic Wonders Of Coconut Oil

Awesome Cosmetic Uses For Coconut Oil

Awesome Cosmetic Uses For Coconut Oil
So I’m going to tell you something that may shock you. I love coconuts. (Well, it might not come as a shock since my blog is named after coconuts.) I love the smell, the taste, and just what it symbolizes…. Sun, beaches, exotic destinations… Aaaa… OK, back to the real world. Now there is one thing I have no idea how I could live without before… coconut oil!

Apart from using the cold-pressed extra virgin kind in smoothies and for making my protein pancakes, the variety of its cosmetic uses is mind-blowing! And the best part is that is 100% natural! You can find posts all over the internet about this, and there are hundreds of different uses, but these are my favorites, and the ones I actually use:

1. Make-up Remover

This is my very-very favorite, and ever since I discovered it, I haven’t bought make-up remover… not even once. I just dab a bit on my eye lashes, and it kind of melts the mascara away, and I swipe gently with cotton. No rubbing whatsoever! Same goes for the rest of the face.

2. Hair Treatment

At least once a month I put a generous amount of oil in my hair before going to bed. In the morning I wash it out with my normal shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes I even put a tiny amount in my ends after styling my hair, if it feels dry. My hair feels super silky and hydrated afterwards!

3. Nightly Facial Moisturizer

Although I imagine you can use a tiny amount during day time as well, I’ve only used this at night, because it’s a bit sticky and makes your skin shine quite a lot. I never wake up with a “stiff face” when I use this!

4. Lip Balm/Gloss

A wonderful way to moisturize your lips! You can carry it around in your bag in a small cosmetic travel container. It gives a nice shine to your lips, and tastes yummy!

5. Hand/Feet and Nail Moisturizer

I love to rub on some coconut oil on my hands and feet under my regular hand/foot cream for some super power hydration! But again, I do it at night because of the stickiness.

6. General Body Moisturizer

Coconut oil is great for moisturizing dry spots all over your body, such as elbows and knees. However, I don’t think I would wear it instead of a body lotion, again because of the stickiness and shine, and also because the smell may be a bit overwhelming. Even for a coconut freak like me.

Coconut Oil Cosmetic Uses Aceite de Coco Usos Cosmeticos
I seriously love you, Mr. Coco

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  1. Interessant du skulle nevne dette med kokosnøtt. Du skal ikke være i Latin-Amerika så veldig lenge før du finner ut at oljer kan brukes til det meste. Selv elsker jeg drinker det er kokos i og The Body Shop har en knallgod bodylotion med coconut forresten ;) Så gøy du baserte bloggnavnet ditt på det også. Nå forbinner jeg kokos med det og :))

    1. Yes, the smell is my favorite! Can’t believe something so good can smell that good as well! (OK… it’s the same with coffee and chocolate, I guess! ;) )

    1. You should get right to using it!! Yes, I use the same type (cold-pressed extra virgin) for both my smoothies and for cosmetic use. You can just imagine how quickly I go through a jar! Haha!

  2. Sits stopping by say Hi via the SITS weeklong comment love. First of all, what a beautiful blog site. The photography is stunning. It seems Norway and Canada (where I am from ) are doing quite well at the Winter Olympics! I had no idea that coconut oil was so versatile. Pinned! ~Thea
    Thea recently posted…Banana Breakfast SmoothieMy Profile

  3. Great list! I’ve used coconut oil to remove eye makeup and as a quick moisturizer (my hands get so dry in the winter!) but never thought to use it for a lip balm (another thing that is so dry in the winter!). Definitely giving that a try.
    Tonia recently posted…Freezer Fried ChickenMy Profile