Beaches And Antioxidants In Niterói

Praia de Icarai Niteroi Rio de Janeiro

Praia das Flexas Niteroi Rio de Janeiro

Hello from Brazil! To be more exact, Rio de Janeiro, and to be even more exact, Niterói. For the first few days I’m staying here with Isa, and then we’re soon going to Rio-Rio for the rest of my stay.

Sooo… What do I think of Brazil so far? I love it! The crazy traffic that made us use almost three hours from the airport instead of 45 minutes and the insane bus driving that bumps so much it feels like a rollercoaster ride haven’t made me dislike it because… on every corner there is a stand or bar where you can buy fresh juices and smoothies made of fruits I’ve never even heard of (antioxidant overdose here I come!), fresh coconut water, and so many delicious sweets and food in general. I don’t think even an hour pass between each time I put my stomach to work. And if you know me or have been reading my blog, you would know how much I love to eat! Brazil, if you continue to behave like this I will probably need to reserve another seat for my flight back home!

Niteroi Praia de Icarai Rio de Janeiro Brazil BeachPraia de Icaraí

View of Rio de Janeiro From Beach Niteroi Praia das FlexasPraia das Flexas

Praia das Flexas Niteroi Brazil

Fresh Coconut Water View of Niteroi Brasil

Ilha de Boa Viagem Niteroi Rio de Janeiro BrasilIlha da Boa Viagem

MAC Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Niteroi Rio
Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói, also called MAC. Can you spot the Christ the Redeemer statue in the background?

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    1. Haha! Takk! Det er fra H&M så det var nok mulig å få tak i i Norge en gang i tiden. Det er fra H&M Fashion Against Aids kolleksjonen fra i fjor! Sikkert mulig å få tak i på eBay eller noe! :)

  1. I live around this city… Oh, gosh, I love this beach so fracking much! Ilha de Boa Viagem and that rock thing by the water are the most beautiful background elements I’ve ever seen in front of my own eyes. It may not be the most beautiful or famous place in the world but it does mean a lot for me!